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The story of ‘Annie’ begins in Ms. Hannigan’s orphanage for girls, where Annie finds herself growing up after being left on the doorstep of the orphanage as a young baby. Annie is desperate to find her parents and is always running away and getting in trouble with the orphanage’s cruel and greedy owner, Ms. Hannigan!

Annie’s luck changes one day when Grace, secretary to the Billionaire businessman Oliver Warbucks, comes to the orphanage to invite an orphan to stay in Mr. Warbuck’s mansion for 2 weeks! Annie is chosen and can’t believe her luck when she sees where she will be staying! After a rocky start, Annie and Mr. Warbucks become the best of friends and Mr. Warbucks asks Annie if she would like to become a permanent member of the Warbucks family. However, Annie longs to find her real parents and Mr. Warbucks promises to help her.  

Following the announcement by Mr. Warbucks on the radio that he will give Annie’s parents 50,000 dollars, if they can prove that they are her real parents, the Warbucks mansion is soon overflowing with people claiming to be Annie’s real Mum and Dad! Ms. Hannigan’s greed and jealousy leads her to concoct a plan with her convict brother, Rooster, and his light-fingered girlfriend, Lily, to cheat Mr. Warbucks out of his 50,000 dollars! They will pretend to be Annie’s real parents! They turn up to the Warbucks mansion with the proof they need.

Will Annie be trapped with the evil Ms. Hannigan and her cronies forever? Or will Annie and Mr. Warbucks find what was missing all along…?

Join us in St. Mary’s Hall, GMIT from 5th-7th March 2020 to find out!!!

Character Descriptions

Adult Chorus

***All chorus members are asked to prepare the song “Tomorrow”***

Oliver Warbucks

A stiff-collared, successful, workaholic Billionaire. Mr. Warbucks has a soft heart under his tough exterior.

Grace Farrell

Faithful secretary to Mr. Warbucks. Grace is cool and efficient yet loving and maternal towards Annie.

Ms Hannigan

A larger-than-life comic character. Ms. Hannigan’s hatred for her job and position oozes out of every line and movement she displays on stage!

Rooster Hannigan

 Ms. Hannigan’s flashy, self-assured and swindling brother!

Lily St. Regis

Rooster’s sleazy and light-fingered girlfriend.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The U.S. President who is enlisted to help find Annie’s parents.

Lt. Ward

The policeman who hunts down Annie!

Bert Healy

Radio personality

Boylan Sisters: Connie, Ronnie & Bonnie

A singing trio who perform on the radio program.


The laundry man who catches the eye of Ms. Hannigan.

Drake and Servants

Annette, Cecille, Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Pugh, Sophie

Cabinet Members

Hull, Perkins, Ickes, Morgenthau

***Anyone wishing to audition for a principal role should email, indicating which role you would like to audition for and we will send you on an audition pack and a time slot for your audition.***


A tough-skinned, independent and hopeful orphan.

We are looking for girls aged between 9-13 years for the role of ‘Annie

The Orphans

Molly - The youngest orphan, whom Annie looks after. Molly gets a hard time from some of the other orphans.

Kate - Next youngest to Molly.

Tessie - The ‘cry baby’ orphan.

Pepper - The ‘toughest’ orphan.

July - The ‘quietest’ orphan.

Duffy - the ‘biggest’ orphan.  

We are looking for girls aged between 9-13 years for the roles of the orphans


We will be staging Annie on 5th - 7th March 2020

If you require any further information on auditions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on our facebook page or at

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